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Partnering with Latimer

Latimer Education partners with primarily Black and minority serving colleges and universities to help them build online and adult education platforms focused on expanding educational access to adult students throughout the United States. We provide a full suite of services to our clients but we are specialized and flexible enough to allow us to work with our partner schools to tailor our services to their specifications and needs.

Additionally, we work with the leadership of our partner institutions to pursue opportunities for growth and identify potential efficiencies (strategic partnerships, marketing, technology, operations) while also helping address the pain points of running a modern day university (retention, regulatory, operations, capital, staffing/recruitment).

Latimer Education offers a full service package that is designed to bring your existing academic programs online and expand into the adult higher education market as efficiently as possible; minimizing the need to draw your faculty and staff away from their primary goals. The full service package includes all of the services your institution needs to launch and run a robust selection of engaging online programs. If you don’t need a full service package of support services, we can work with your institution to identify which services you do need and develop a custom and flexible partnership agreement to support your specific goals. Either way, our experienced team of education professionals will work closely with your organization through implementation and execution to build processes that meet your goals, support your brand, and seamlessly serve your students.

Our services include:

  • Curriculum Development
    Bringing your curriculum online can consist of migrating your current courses and programs into a Learning Management System, or you may decide to build a new set of courses or programs to offer online. Either way, we can help your faculty through the processes. [Read More +]

    New Course and Program Development: With our national network of subject matter experts, we can assist with new content creation for degree programs, classes or certificate programs.

    Course migration: Our experienced instructional designers can take your existing classroom based courses and transition those courses into online courses with additional learning tools, objects and assessments built in. Courses can be built in any LMS.

    LMS Selection and Implementation: If you are looking to add an LMS or change your existing LMS, we can provide the RFP management service. We will help you to develop requirements, identify potential LMS providers that might meet your needs, and coordinate the response to proposal and selection process. Once your team has selected an LMS, we can provide the project management services needed to successfully implement the LMS.

    Course Management: Using your LMS, our team will ensure that students, faculty and courses are loaded into the system and ready for the start of each term.

    Course Maintenance: As content changes and textbooks and other materials are updated, our instructional design team will ensure that online courses are kept current.

    Instruction Design Consultation: If you want your faculty members to build their own courses in the LMS, our designers will provide training in online course development and online instructional design.

    New Student Online Orientation Course: Latimer’s online student orientation course is made up of three modules, two of which are customized for you: 1) How to use the learning management system (will incorporate materials from your LMS vendor), 2) How to be a successful student at your institution (developed using your materials and input from your team), and 3) How to be a successful online student (developed and maintained by Latimer).

    Adult Student Readiness Course: Latimer’s adult student readiness course helps to prepare those students entering an undergraduate degree program with very few previous college credits. In this course, students will review basic English and Math topics, be introduced to study skills that are especially useful to online students, understand the expectations of college level work, and learn about resources available to them for support and assistance. The course is developed and maintained by Latimer, and taught by your faculty.

    Experiential Learning Course: Latimer has created an onlinecourse and process to enable your adult students to build a portfolio that provides evidence of prior learning for faculty review.
  • Academic Support
    As an online or adult program expands, keeping up with the need for qualified faculty, assigning faculty to an expanding course schedule, managing adjunct contracts, and monitoring online courses for quality can become a time consuming but necessary set of tasks. [Read More +] Latimer Education can take as many or as few of these support processes on so that your deans and faculty can focus on learning outcomes, student performance, and assessment.

    As an online or adult program expands, keeping up with the need for qualified faculty, assigning faculty to an expanding course schedule, managing adjunct contracts, and monitoring online courses for quality can become a time consuming but necessary set of tasks. Latimer Education can take as many or as few of these support processes on so that your deans and faculty can focus on learning outcomes, student performance, and assessment.

    Faculty Recruiting and Training: Our faculty recruiters can assist you with finding applicants that meet your requirements for teaching as full-time or adjunct faculty members. Once facultymembers are hired by your institution, Latimer offers an online training orientation course to introduce faculty to online and adult teaching. Like our New Student Orientation course, this course consists of three modules, two of which will be customized for your college: 1- How to use the learning management systems (incorporate materials from your LMS), 2- How to be a successful faculty member at your institution (developed in conjunction with your team), and 3- How to teach adult students online (provided and maintained by Latimer). We will also provide professional development courses on a continuous basis.

    Faculty Scheduling and Contract Management: As programs expand, scheduling a larger number of courses from a broader selection of faculty can become complicated and time consuming. Latimer will assist you with this process by contacting faculty whom you have approved to teach specific courses, confirming their availability to teach the needed course, and can help to coordinate contract acceptance and approvals.

    Online Course Quality Assurance: Our Quality Assurance Specialists review each online course to ensure faculty attendance and performance, check links and materials uploaded by faculty members for appropriateness, and ensure online courses are moving along as expected. If any issues are discovered, we follow a preapproved escalation procedure with each partner.

    Residency Requirements: If any of your online programs require any type of onsite learning or supervision, Latimer can assist you in coordinating the required activity and collecting the necessary paperwork.
  • Marketing
    Successfully entering the highly competitive market for adult and online programs takes careful planning and deliberate strategy implementation. The same approach does not work for every school or for all types of students. [Read More +] Our targeted focus on diverse audiences provides our partners with unique insights and opportunities to reach potential students.

    Brand Research and Positioning Strategy: We will carefully review your institution’s history, mission, vision and current branding strategy, and compare your institution across a competitive set of schools targeting a similar market. We will then develop recommendations for a competitive positioning strategy which can then be further defined across various target audiences and creative executions.

    Market Research: We will analyze the competition, consider different pricing strategies, and provide clarity into variations in program and service offerings from the student’s perspective. We can estimate market potential and feed all this information directly into the brand and marketing strategies.

    Marketing Plan Development and Implementation: Based on research findings and program goals, we will design a creative strategy, and develop marketing plans that include offline and online media to build your brand and generate interest from qualified potential students.

    Articulation Agreement Development: Ease of transfer is a key component of adult student decision making. To facilitate this process, we will assist you in identifying, prioritizing, contacting and generating articulation agreement s with two year schools within targeted cities and states.

    Business and Community Partnership Development: Our Outreach Specialists will identify key community development and employer partnership opportunities within targeted cities and states.

    Marketing Effectiveness Analysis: Our goal is to generate qualified potential students who enroll and succeed in your program. To do this, each marketing tactic, creative message, medium, and campaign is closely monitored through application, enrollment and further. Findings from the analysis are applied to future campaigns as we refine and adapt marketing strategy for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Enrollment Management
    In the competitive online and adult education market, prompt responses and a caring approach to an inquiry can be the difference between a student selecting your school or another. [Read More +] Our trained enrollment coaches represent your brand to inquiries and students, understand the fears and goals that an adult returning to college may have, help each qualified prospect to navigate the college application process, and provide encouragement and personal service as the student continues through their college experience.

    Inquiry Intake and Management: Our specialized team of enrollment coaches works with prospective students, makescontact with each inquiry, and can either pass the qualified inquiry to your admissions team, or we will continue to work with the prospective student through the admissions process.

    Admissions Processing: Our enrollment coaches continue the relationship with each prospect and ensure that transcripts are requested, applications are completed, fees are paid, and placement exams are taken. Our team will also coordinate with your financial services staff to provide information to students regarding financing options and financial aid. Once all preadmissions activities are complete, a completed admissions “packet” will be sent to your admissions office for final decisions.

    Continuing Student Management, Student Support and Coaching:Our student coaches will continue to work with students throughout their entire enrollment cycle. Our team can perform any variety of services to support student retention – from assisting them in selecting courses, finding books, referring them to academic advisors as necessary, navigation course registration and payment options, basic technical issues such as login support, ensuring they attend new student orientations, etc. Our coaches will also monitor online course attendance and can be alerted via early warning messages from your LMS that a student may be struggling, enabling our coaches to reach out to students and assist them in addressing issues before the student fails or withdraws from the course.
  • Student Financial Management
    Latimer will assist you in finding solutions to managing student accounts and financial aid processing for a high growth online and adult program.
  • Regulatory Support
    We can assist with finding and interpreting state and federal regulations as they pertain to your program goals, and can help you find legal expertise if needed. [Read More +] We will also ensure that our staff, processes, data, and products comply fully with all applicable regulations including ADA, FERPA, Do-not-call, and CAN-SPAM.

    Analysis of State and Federal Regulations: We will help you navigate and understand the complex environment of state and federal regulations relating to online and on-ground program expansion.

    ADA Compliance: We will ensure that all courses, web pages, services, and processes that we create or administer on your behalf adhere to ADA requirements.

    FERPA Compliance: We will ensure that all of our staff, vendors, agencies, third parties, and data management processes and procedures adhere to FERPA requirements as we handle prospect and student data.