Higher Education in America

America’s competitive standing in the world has suffered primarily due to lack of progress in K-12 and post-secondary education. Academic achievement in America, relative to other developed countries, has stagnated.

Latimer Education believes that America has the resources and innovative spirit to make significant progress in education quality and attainment over the next generation to regain our once venerable standing in the world. Making quality education available to all people, whoever they are, wherever they may live, and whatever their capabilities may be, in an important step in improving overall academic achievement in all communities.

We do not agree with the notion that a higher education “may not be for everyone.” It is our position that everyone should pursue a college degree. The data are clear - college degrees lead to better jobs, better income, lower unemployment, and lower incarceration rates. Greater education attainment also leads to greater self-esteem and serves as a powerful signal to younger generations about the importance of education in one’s life. With this said, we are not a “one size fits all” company. We have a great appreciation for differences among people. We strive to partner with a diverse array of institutions so that our own market presence reflects the differences inherent in American society.

The state of academic achievement (and achievement overall) in the Black community, is abysmal. Low high school graduation rates, low college completion rates, high unemployment rates, disparities in income and wealth, and a high percentage of single parent households are key indicators that the Black community needs particular attention when it comes to increasing access to higher education. Latimer is inherently optimistic about the prospects for Black America and America overall, especially as it relates to improvements that can be achieved through greater access to, and focus on, postsecondary education available to adults delivered through an online delivery mechanism.

This is where Latimer comes in – we are passionate about bringing our partner institutions’ quality education to previously under-served communities and students and believe that, done well, higher education changes an individual’s life as well as the lives of his or her family and community.